In 2017, with our area growing quickly and with infrastructure finally in place for people to build community, we retired the organization. Thank you to everyone who worked with, and supported Brampton Northwest Connects for 10 community-building years!

Beginning in 2007, we built a foundation for our community by putting youth first. And through that, we created an open and caring environment for everyone.

We worked with:

  • Peel Regional Police
  • Peel Public Health
  • City of Brampton
  • Brampton Library
  • Public Agencies
  • Youth and Youth Leaders
  • Private Business
  • Residents
We’re proud to live, work and play in Brampton Northwest. It’s a strong and vibrant neighbourhood in the city of Brampton. The area is in the furthest northwest corner of the city. It extends from Mayfield Road in the north to Williams Parkway in the south. And it goes from Winston Churchill Boulevard in the west to Hurontario Street in the east. The hub of the Brampton Northwest community is Cassie Campbell Community Centre.

The Plan 

Brampton Northwest Connects worked to:

  • build leadership, empathy and consciousness in the next generation of youth (we were building for the future)
  • connect parents to community resources to help their children (we knew you couldn’t do it alone)
  • bring families – young and old – out of their homes to connect and share with other families (we know neighbours can be friends, too)

We wanted Brampton Northwest to be a community that’s good for your children’s health and yours, too.

We focused on several key areas, including:

  • building youth leadership capacity
  • opening doors to physical activity
  • assessing community needs
  • engaging the community
  • educating parents
  • inspiring creative expression
  • promoting peace